Pressoplast, The revolution of plastic materials


Pressoplast manufacturer of pressed sheets for Fashion, Medical devices, Safety at Work

“What is sustainability for Pressoplast? It is the perfect mix between a deep knowledge of materials and the use of responsible processes combined with the search for new ideas, new languages and new tools, without ever losing sight of the product traceability and the value of the Italian crafts label.”


That’s the path always followed by the company that has been able to revolutionize the concept of transparency. According to these values, Pressoplast, a leading manufacturer of plastic materials for the fashion sector, launched the Sustainable Collection, a line focusing on sustainability, relying on some key concepts: reduction, reuse and recycling of materials, respect for the environment, use of responsible sources and the enhancement of its collaborators.

These values result into high quality and highly innovative products, made according to the current trend and 100% customizable. The company’s management strongly supports research, the enhancement of materials and the use of new responsible technologies always related to the future trends. “Pressoplast’s know-how will be further enhanced with the next collection, ‘Fashion Blast’: craftsmanship and know-how, in this line, are enriched by advanced processing techniques developed together with Italian companies operating in the luxury market. That’s how we succeeded in crafting precious fabrics whose sustainability and excellence treasure a strongly contemporary appeal. The foundations for a new plastic materials’ revolution are well laid.