Profession Bottier The value of TRADITION

Profession Bottier
Result of the experience of two brothers who made the passion for high-quality footwear a reason for living, Profession Bottier shoes, produced with the best materials and refined processing, embody the everlasting Portuguese creativity. The utmost attention to finishes and details outstand in precious models, featuring an irresistible vintage appeal, but able to explore today’s lifestyle beyond tradition. The story begins in 1994, but has its roots far back in time, in the ‘40s, when two young brothers, Manuel and Antonio Ferreira Avelar, opened a small workshop in the Portuguese footwear district of Santa Maria da Feira.

Profession Bottier
Making high-end shoes, through the use of the best materials and traditional processing techniques, has always been the goal of the Ferreira Avelar family, a mission that still features the production of each piece. Over time, the company has made strong collaborations with some of the most talented European designers, including Jacques Mirault, who appreciated its high-quality products and launched them on the French market. The brand gradually became known internationally, until 1994, the year of the effective foundation of Profession Bottier, now led by the third generation of the family.

Profession BottierProfession Bottier
Now as then, the brand, with its consolidated know-how, is the byword for the artisan and manufacturing excellence of Portugal: the expert hands of master craftsmen make small masterpieces of high-end leatherware every day, thanks to a deep-rooted passion and respect for manufacturing traditions that are going to be lost. Everything, from leather to fashion inserts, is meticulously selected to guarantee quality, aesthetic balance and good taste: Profession Bottier’s proposals are divided into different collections, refined, extremely elegant and luxurious, but also featuring great durability and versatility. While maintaining the great appeal of classic lines, each model is made unique thanks to exclusive workmanship and refined finishes, designed for those men who appreciate high-quality genuine leather, but who do not want to give up on a modern and cosmopolitan look.