Report Simac Tanning Tech 2019


Technology 4.0 in the leather sector, a qualified overview of technology, innovation of processes and products is the future. 

The digitization of factories has been changing the production system and Industry 4.0’s key factor is not technology but human capital: work is radically changing and will require the presence of more and more qualified operators. Then, we must aim at training initiatives fostering the growth of said skills. Investing in the development of human resources at all levels of the company, from technical to management figures, becomes essential. Here is a selection of the best exhibitors taking part in the event (click on the logo!)


SIMAC TANNING TECH closed its 2019 edition in contrast with the international economic situation: a strong visitors turnout, comparable to that recorded before the slowdown of the last year’s second half, good trade operators and well-focused vision on the machines and the technologies, as well as a great number of exhibitors – more than 320. A prove that the visits to SIMAC TANNING TECH were not improvised, but instead planned well in advance, is shown by the increase in online accreditations, over 5500 from all over the world, as well as by the event’s inimitability: “In our country – said a footwear entrepreneur member of the Chinese delegation – we realized that the best way to be competitive, also in response to rising costs in general, is to use ever better performing production systems.

Gabriella Marchioni Bocca, Presidente di SIMAC TANNING TECH

Gabriella Marchioni Bocca, President’s SIMAC TANNING TECH

And we can only find the most innovative solutions here in Milan, at SIMAC TANNING TECH.” Great satisfaction on the part of the 160 operators in the foreign delegations invited to visit the event as a result of a partnership with the Italian Trade Agency. All of them – coming from Bosnia Herzegovina, China, Egypt, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Iran, Morocco, Mexico, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia, Uzbekistan and Vietnam – were very impressed by the high standard of the machinery and technology put on display. Interesting, positive feedbacks were recorded by operators from Uzbekistan, where large investments are being made in the tanning and footwear sector, and Vietnam, the world’s second largest footwear exporter after China, who came to Italy to study the opportunities offered by the new Industry 4.0, an Italian excellence. “The exhibitors’ efforts to showcase well-performing, safe and eco-friendly systems and technology and to respond to all production demands were rewarded. This – says SIMAC TANNING TECH President Gabriella Marchioni Bocca is an approach that Italian industry, which represents approximately 50% of global exports in the sector, has launched and intends to pursue with firm commitment. It is no coincidence that ASSOMAC, the Association representing manufacturers of technology for the footwear, leather-goods and tanning industries, has developed the “Supplier of Sustainable Technologies” project, of which the Green Label is its most outstanding feature; it is voluntary and offers third-party certification of the CFP (carbon footprint) impact of machinery manufactured by a company.” The market is going through a very delicate transition phase, closely linked to the geopolitical dynamics in progress – such as the “war of duties” between Beijing and Washington or the imminent general elections of important countries like India and Indonesia – but the positive signal which comes from the most authoritative event in the sector bodes well for a rapid recovery.

Next Edition SIMAC TANNING TECH – Fiera Milano February 19th/ 21th 2020