REVOMEC, alta qualità al servizio della moda

Fabio Gecchele e Manuel Zordan

At the February 2019 edition of Simac Tanning Tech, the stand set up by REVOMEC registered significant turnoutlevels and aroused plenty of interest. Headquartered in the Arzignano’s tanning district, the Trissino-based companyis specialized in the manufacturing and sales of leather processing machinery. “Ours is a small-sized firm that favours first-rate quality over large production volumes. However, in this way, we are able to forge a close, special bond with our customers, since we work side by side with them and we are able to meet their requests,” pointed out Fabio Gecchele, a young entrepreneur who started off the company in 2011.


REVOMEC can boast a well-established experience in the “finishing” process and in leather milling techniques, saidoperations carried out by combining technology and art. “When it comes to choosing our machines,” explained Gecchele, “a pivotal role is played by the specific skills acquired by our technicians in the finishing phase, supported by the customers’ trust, won over not only by the top-quality products, but also by the efficient assistance and consultancy services. We are very satisfied with the reliability standards achieved: the first machines, assembled andsold eight years ago, have always performed smoothly, requiring only the normal maintenance. We have grown over time, developing a top-of-the-range array of solutions, featuring customized, tailor-made technologies ableto meet all market demands.


All our machines can be used 24h a day, while guaranteeing the utmost efficiency: significant upgrades such as the automatic self-cleaning operations allow to reduce processing times, decrease costs and improve productivity.”As far as 2019 is concerned, Revomec is getting ready to face significant challenges, relying also on the expertise and professionalism of a workforce comprising approximately fifteen employees. “2018 was a very positive year for us,” explained the firm’s owner, “as we experienced a rise in the turnover, compared to 2017, thanks also to the investments set by the Government for the Industry 4.0 project, implemented to support the Italian tanning enterprises. 2019 has kicked off in the best way possible, featuring an upswing trend as well as plenty of orders up until next September.

For this reason, we are going to invest more and more resources in research and logistics:this spring we have started using a new facility based in Trissino, that hosts the assembly phases for the larger machines. In this way, we will be able to upgrade the headquarters by setting up, in the entryway, a small show-room and a reserved area. The latter will act as a space where to carry out tests on hides and where to learn more about each machine and its functions.”“We have been positively surprised by the increase registered nationwide,” explained Gecchele, “and for this reason we will keep paying close attention to the Italian market, acknowledged as a source of satisfaction due also to the close ties with the highend fashion industry and to the constant praise given by the most renowned brands.

However,exports, currently accounting for a 30% share of the corporate turnover, are going to guarantee the most interesting development prospects. In 2018, the number of machines delivered to foreign customers tripled compared to the previous year, and, in the early months of 2019, we managed to sell our technologies to new overseas destinations.Our strategic plan aims at fostering growth both from an industrial and from a business perspective: we are investing significant resources in both areas, but we tend to avoid any rash decision, because our main priorities are still quality and the bond with the customers.”The new flagship of the Italian company will be the “Green Tag” promoted by Assomac (National Association of Manufacturers of Footwear, Leathergoods and Tanning Technologies), a project launched at Simac Tanning Tech 2018 and focused on a labelling system concerning the energy-environmental performances of the industrytechnologies.

“The idea is that this “tool” can turn into an added value,” stated REVOMEC’s owner, “as it happened with the ISO certifications, especially when it comes to a sector such as the tanning one that has recently shown amazing improvements in terms of environmental awareness. We have complied right from the beginning with its requirements, as this is part of our corporate strategy.”