ROMITO MANIFATTURE, Sustainable creativity

Romito Manifatture

Innovative, eye-catching models, able not only to perfectly combine style and aesthetic design, but also to convey a precise ethical message: this one of the flagship qualities of Romito Manifatture, an all-Italian brand established by Qiaoyong Zhou, a Chinese entrepreneur and Italian naturalized citizen. Romito Manifatture

A corporate philosophy that allows to find the perfect balance between fashion demands and a strong eco-friendly identity, as confirmed by the employment of low-impact treatments and natural fibres in place of products and components of animal original – a thorough commitment that has led to the development of the “cotton that becomes leather”, a highly versatile, functional fabric that, thanks to a complex process, can boast a “vintage chic” flavor as well as a sensation to the touch that recalls that of handcrafted leather garments.

Said material has been used in the production of an innovative line of jackets that comprises models for both men and women, suitable for all occasions, featuring removable lining and available in a wide range of colours that provides up to 36 possible chromatic combinations. The perfect match between practical design, comfort, glamorous elegance and environmental safeguard.

Romito Manifatture

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