ROTOMEC NEWTON rotary press: here comes the future


The company based in Montebello Vicentino was established fairly recently, in 2013, and yet it has rapidly grown into a prominent name in the tanning sector. Founded five and a half years ago, grown rapidly into a well-established enterprise in the tanning sector, currently on the rise. This is the story of ROTOMEC, firm headquartered in Montebello Vicentino and specialized in the design and production of through-feed ironing and embossing machines. An adventure that started off in September 2013, but that relies also on the long-standing expertise of the managing partners, a group of young, highly qualified entrepreneurs: Milo Marcon, Pietro Rosa and Fabio Rovetti.
Thanks to their skills in interpreting and thoroughly understanding the clientele needs as well as the market demands, the firm has launched new machinery that can make the difference. While keeping as a cornerstone the experience acquired over the years in the field of ironing and rotary presses, ROTOMEC has chosen to develop cutting-edge, patented machines for leather processing, investing significant resources in R&D activities. The result is a range of high-end, innovative solutions, tailored on the customer’s requests, backed up by an efficient and dynamic network for pre and post-sales assistance – the latter a true added value.


“Our core business, for now, still revolves around rotary presses. The passion for our work as well as the experience acquired by everyone thanks to the previous professional experiences have resulted in the development of a comprehensive range of models, including the one showcased during the fair, NEWTON. It’s a top-of-the-range revolver machine that successfully fulfills all the requirements, namely, unmatched pressure levels, “Kissplate effect” ironing and the ability to reach the right temperature faster, thus ensuring a reduction in energy consumption as well as uniform colours over the entire processing surface. Furthermore, we can provide patented offset, pre-heating and pre-pressure systems, devised to optimize the manufacturing cycle.

Our technologies are made with the utmost care, down to the smallest detail, as we work side by side with the customer in order to constantly upgrade the product and adjust it to one’s specific needs.” launch of the NEWTON model, a top-of-the-range machine that fulfills all the requirements:. Moreover, it is equipped with a double spreading system with flatness to a tenth of a millimeter as well as with non-flexible machine structure for leather processing.

“We are still a small-sized enterprise, featuring a dozen or so people,” confirmed ROTOMEC’s owner, “but we are experiencing a steady growth, even internationally, as the export share now accounts for 50% of the corporate turnover. This is the right path and we are ready to take on the challenges set by the global market.”