S.F. OFFICINA MECCANICA 1930 “Gems” on display


Two new tanning machines, designed to enhance ergonomics and functionality, ready to “storm” the domestic and global markets. These are innovations put on display last February, at the Tanning Tech exhibition, by S.F. OFFICINA MECCANICA 1930, the company established by Gino Soldani and headquartered in Montopoli in Val d’Arno (Pisa province) that, for three generations, has been manufacturing tanning machines for the processing of exotic, precious hides.


Silvia Soldani, S.F. OFFICINA MECCANICA 1930

“The new upgraded version of the M-Glossy glazing machine was met with great success,” explained Silvia Soldani, managing partner of the company and member of the historic family. “Compared to the previous models in the same range, it now features a bigger size, while paying close attention to ergonomics as well as to functional details: as a matter of fact, it manages to further improve the working conditions, by providing an increasingly comfortable workstation; significant updates concern also the lighting system. Aimed at enhancing the mirror polishing phase of all exotic crocodile and reptile skins, this machine is able to guarantee an exclusive shiny effect, because it allows to adjust, easily and precisely, the amount of pressure applied on the materials to be processed, that are notoriously very delicate. Thanks to significant investments and innovative studies, the M-Glossy model has been upgraded so as to ensure a better quality of the end product.”

Equally positive was the feedback got by the second innovation developed by S.F. OFFICINA MECCANICA 1930, widely praised by Italian and foreign professionals, that is, the new fleshing machine SC 18, top of the range for the processing of exotic precious hides. “It is entirely made in stainless steel,” stated Silvia Soldani, “thus making it unique and indestructible. Equipped with a single main casing with assisted opening for the cleaning operations as well as with a transparent, swinging strap, provided with useful LED lights to illuminate the workstation, it combines high productivity levels with ease of use and top-notch safety standards. In this case as well, the upgrading process has been carried out steadily over the years and we are proud to say that the models showcased during the exhibition are two real “gems”, that are arousing the interest and the curiosity of both old and new customers.” www.soldani.it