Salzen, Backpack is the new black

salzenSalzen is a young german brand who aims at conquering the business sector of the leather market with its innovative concept of backpack.

The target is the modern worker: always on the move, sensitive to environmental issues, lover of design. We spoke to Jahn Werner, Global Brand Owner at Salzen, and he explained a little more about the project.

Jahn Werner, Global Brand Owner di Salzen
Jahn Werner

Tell us something about the Salzen brand Salzen is a super serious market project, the brand is property of Fond of, a company that has been founded ten years ago and now has over three hundreds people. We have grown 600% year after year, now we are targeting the business sector with the aim of filling the gap between functional and very fashionable products. Functional backpacks often look too… functional, and fashionable ones often lack functionality. Our idea is to match a very minimalistic design with a super high level of functionality, which you can’t see from outside, and our mission is to make the backpack the new standard in business. We want to free the hands of the people: our lives are very on the move, we need to have free hands.


How do you manage to do so? First of all with a heavily padded laptop compartment, so that you can really drop the backpack and still your laptop is safe. Furthermore, every product has a secret pocket which is also RFID safe. We spent much time designing our backpacks’ shoulder straps: most of the existing ones look like outdoor backpacks and you don’t want to look like someone who is going to the mountains when you’re going for business. It took us one and a half year of research to develop our shoulder straps: they are sleek and smooth, have a thermal foam on the inside which adapts to the warmth of the body and they help balance the weight on the various pressure points of the body.

What’s your commitment for the environment? We have been rewarded for the sustainability of our processes several times, all our products are Bluesign approved, PCF-free and the linings are entirely made from recycled PET. Our materials are scratch-resistant and water-repellent but contain no harmful substances. We source leather from Germany and Europe and we are very scrupulous in choosing our suppliers.
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