SC COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE, Hydraulic press plate to emboss and iron hides PL

SC COSTRUZIONI  MECCANICHE  widens  its  range  of  embossing  and ironing  presses  with  the  new  Platepress  2800, which  maintains  the safety and ease-of-use features of the smaller versions. This machine, in addition to the standard equipment required by the market, boasts some innovative solutions, aimed at operator’s safety and comfort, such as optical-electronic barriers, automatic-lowering closure barriers (SC patent), lateral protection (patent SC) and suction system for aspiration of vapours produced when embossing damp hides. Peculiarities of the machine are the ease of use and working speed, thanks to the foot pedal that allows to have both hands free, so to hold and roll out the hides.

Main Features

Press structure in high resistance steel, fully checked using ultrasound. All welding is made with pre-heat, subjected to magneto scope inspection. Final distension annealing treatment to increase stress resistance.
Work plate featuring 1600 (front) x1800 cm. Other sizes are made under requestPressure cylinder in steel (in Chromium-molybdenum alloy) has a large diameter, and it’s forged, tempered and then ultra-sound checked.Quick lift at low pressure through outer cylinders featuring a high lifting speed.

Electronically-controlled hydraulic pump whose pressure can be set up
to limit electricity consumption and oil heat.Power control unit is set apart and soundproof. Pneumatic attachment of the work plate for rapid changing of the same. It is possible to set up the step by step mode, in order to facilitate the operator to easily center the new plate according to the upper heating plate.Heated upper plate with independent temperature control in 5 separate zones.
4-vent  suction system for aspiration  of  vapours  produced  when embossing damp hides Operator interface with 10” colour touch-screen. Display, control and adjustment of all working parameters. SIM card remote-assistance ready.

Optical-electronic front safety barriers and automatic-lowering closure barriers. This system, an exclusive patent of the company, allows to reduce by 10 centimetres. The front and rear bulging of the wooden tables. The operator is so able to get as close as possible to the centre of the work table in order to roll out or remove hidesLateral safety barriers with electric safety edge for protection of fingers during the completion of embossingPedal-operated open/close commands to enable the hide to be held with two hands. High distance, at rest, between the plates, for easy rolling out of the hide during the working process.