SC Costruzioni Meccaniche, Technology at the service of the environment


As per tradition, SC COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE attended the Tanning Tech exhibition – the latest edition held in February alongside Lineapelle -, putting on display cutting-edge machinery as well as the complete range of solutions for the tanning sector. “We are truly satisfied with the results achieved,” explained Roberto Calattini, the owner of the firm based in Empoli (Florence province), “especially with the choice to showcase the depuration and filtering models as well. An array of cutting-edge machines, all in line with the Industry 4.0 standards, equipped with high-tech tools that allow, for example to connect via a PC and to check in real time the situation.



Established in the mid ‘80s, SC COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE is specialized in the design, manufacturing and installation of auxiliary systems and equipment to be used in several industrial sectors, including tanning machines and depuration systems. The Tuscan company has chosen to pursue two specific goals that perfectly embody the main priorities and demands of the whole industrial world: environmental safeguard and occupational safety.

“For over thirty years, we have been paying close attention to the environment,” stated Calattini. “It has always been part of our “mission”, and it will still be so even in the future, not only because the related regulations have grown increasingly stricter. When it comes to the ecological field, we can provide a qualified range of machines for filtering and screening wastewaters or for the recovery of by-products and the recycle of liming. Yet, our company pursues other priorities, starting with the quality of the technologies manufactured, kept at the highest levels thanks to the contribution of the in-house technical office and of a fully-equipped mechanical workshop. All these factors have given us the chance to improve and streamline our production, thus achieving top-notch standards in terms of reliability, ease of maintenance and durability, and gaining the praise of renowned Italian and foreign customers. The export share amounts to approximately 30%, while the remaining 70% concerns the domestic market, especially the majority of the firms working in the tanning districts based in Tuscany and Veneto.”