SCUROACCESSORI, Passion, dynamism, professionalism

SCUROACCESSORI, leader in the design and production of fashion accessories, a byword for the quality of Italian craftsmanship, praised both domestically and abroad.  

Renowned worldwide, the indisputable value of the Italian manufacturing excellence lies in the special care for details that our craftsmen have been always pouring into each product. SCUROACCESSORI shows the very same devotion when it comes to the development of the most creative accessories for the footwear, leatherware and apparel sectors, by implementing cutting-edge solutions, by investing in R&D projects and by providing customers with prompt, efficient services. 

Mariella Scuro
From right, Mariella Scuro and Carmela Lanotte

At the latest edition of Lineapelle, we met Mariella Scuro, SCUROACCESSORI’s founder, who gladly outlined the firm’s core business, firmly rooted in true passion as well as in attention to details.

“The starting point was an apparent need,” explained the owner, “that is, to ensure a substantial support to craftsmen on the lookout for the perfect detail. Bearing this in mind, we kicked off this enterprise, aiming at becoming a reliable partner to fashion professionals, able to supply a product that perfectly embraces an idea, a design, a concept, then turned into stylish, creative, unique collections.”

Established in 2002 in Barletta, the company today boasts a comprehensive range of accessories, entirely made in Italy, and an international distribution network. “Ours is a fairly young firm, yet, in less than twenty years,” explained Mariella, “we have gained a strong foothold in the market, thanks to a corporate mission that steadily focuses on innovation and to the thorough pursuit of quality, features that have contributed to the gradual expansion of our experience as well as of our catalogue.”

As a matter of fact, SCUROACCESSORI manufactures an ample array of solutions for the footwear, leather goods and apparel industries, functional and with a unique design, all made swiftly, using both in-house materials and those supplied by the customers – tapes, hides, buckles, buttons, just to name a few.

After the success of the articles manufactured with regenerated paper – a material that, besides its fashionable, casual appeal, has perfectly fallen into step with the current standards concerning eco-friendly fashion -, last February, SCUROACCESSORI, at its seventh participation in Lineapelle, showcased its rubberized-effect line, applied to inserts available in several shapes, colours and sizes. “The passion for this job has led us constantly develop innovative solutions, by either upgrading outdated trends or by inventing brand-new articles; thanks to the ongoing collaboration with fashion stylists and designers, we monitor closely the everchanging market demands. Furthermore, the indisputable value of our products lies in the special attention that we keep paying to details, supported by significant R&D investments that give us the chance to combine the art of tradition with cutting-edge technologies.”.