SIDERMA Non-woven textiles since 1971

Siderma stand Lineapelle
A prominent enterprise in the field of non-woven materials, Siderma was established in 1971 in Bucharest, Romania, with the aim to become one of the leading synthetic leather manufacturers in Eastern Europe – a goal promptly achieved.

Iulian Pop Siderma

Iulian Pop, direttore generale di Siderma  Iulian Pop, Siderma’s general manager

However, in 1990, after the dissolution of the Iron Curtain and the EU membership, the enterprise went through a period of extensive change. “Due to the technology at our disposal at that time and to the aggressive attitude of the Chinese market,” explained Iulian Pop, Siderma’s general manager, “we weren’t competitive enough, so we gave up on producing synthetic leather, while focusing our attention on the development of the textile branch and of the required skills.

We found our path and we managed to win over the trust and interest of the market thanks to the prime quality of Romanian-made articles strictly, in full compliance with the international regulations, to the organization efficiency, to the flexibility in the relationship with the customers, and to the affordable prices. We have also acquired the certification for the integrated management system according to the ISO 9001/2008, ISO 14001/2004 and OHSAS 18001/2007 protocols. Currently, the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, account for 60% of our exports, while Europe encompasses the remaining 40%, registering positive results in Italy, Turkey, Germany, France, Poland, Spain and Portugal, supported by a reliable network of local distributors.” The need to fall into step with the European quality standard has prompted the company to pay closer attention to environmental safeguard issues, as confirmed by Iulian Pop. “Our motto is “Green future, green technology”. The non-woven materials developed by Siderma employ polyester yarns derived from the recycling of PET bottles, local resources such as Carpathian sheep’s wool, and aluminium foils as a protection against low temperatures. As a matter of fact, our felt are certified to guarantee excellent performances in all conditions, from extreme cold up to 90°C.” Siderma is the only Romanian manufacturer of footwear lining in non-woven materials, reinforced by thermal welding.

“Our articles can be used for the making of both sports and safety shoes. At the same time, we develop customized lines for work and leisure footwear, designed to withstand Eastern Europe’s harsh winter. Last but not least, the R&D department is currently engaged in a new project that involves Romanian, Russian and Polish schools, universities, institutes as well as laboratories, aimed at producing special materials for space flights’ apparel and accessories. The amazing versatility of this article results in fruitful collaborations with the automotive and furnishing branches too. However, the footwear industry is still our core business.”