SILVATEAM, latest leather chemical developments


Innovation has taken the world today by storm, leading to the development of new innovative technologies to positively answer the challenges that companies are facing. At SILVATEAM, innovation is a vital part for the future and thinking outside the box can made a real difference in this competitive environment, permitting the company to achieve successful results in co-operation with its customers. Silvateam Research and Development has been constantly developing innovative solutions in the field of vegetable extracts, synthetic tannins, fatliquors, resins and auxiliaries for leather tanning. A short summary of the recent products launched on the marketplace is listed below:

Ritan XMR
Ritan XMR is a vegetable extract belonging to the profisetini din family, also known as condensed tannins. It is a cold  soluble sweetened extract obtained by a sulphiting process which transforms the phlobaphenes into completely soluble tannins. Ritan XMR has a high tannin content and quickly penetrates into the leather. This extract can be blended with other vegetable extracts and several types of syntans. It can be used in all stages of vegetable tannage, as well as in the retannage of chrome tanned leathers when good fullness, roundness and buffability are required. Ritan XMR confers to the leathers a pale rose colour.

Ritan QX
Ritan QX is a recently developed modified vegetable extract suitable for the retannage of wet blue leathers requiring a very good fullness and roundness throughout all the hide, including the empty areas. Ritan QX is especially suitable for the retannage of leather goods in order to impart a fine grain with a silky touch to the final article

Ecotan MXP
Ecotan MXP is a new hybrid tanning agent especially designed for the automotive industry, conferring to the leathers excellent fullness and tightness, outstanding embossing retention without compromising their softness. Ecotan MXP imparts to the final article very good light and heat fastness. All these characteristics make the product suitable for articles such as leather goods and shoe uppers on both wet blue and wet white hides.

Ecotan PAP
Silvateam EcotanEcotan PAP is a dispersed ellagic / gallic tannin, mainly used in the pretannage, tannage and retannage of any type of leather which needs to reach excellent fullness and tightness characteristics as well as good light and heat fastness. Ecotan PAP has high penetration properties, showing an impressive light colour when used as a pretanning agent for wet white leathers. This tannin allows to develop chrome free leathers without the use of metals nor aldehydes that combine the beauty of vegetable tanned leather with the high performance requested by OEMs.

Keusol SP EQ
Keusol SP EQ is a cationic ester used in pickling and retannage to impart to the leathers excellent tear strength, softness and elasticity properties. Keusol SP EQ facilitates the fixation of all anionic products such as retanning agents, fatliquors and dyestuffs, especially during anionic processes like full vegetable or metal free tannage. Hence, the addition of Keusol SP EQ fosters an increase in cationic charges which brings the anionic/cationic groups ratio back to more balanced values.

Ledoresin GUM

Ledoresin GUM is a retanning agent based on synthetic latex dispersed in a disulphone syntan. This resin has been designed to improve various physical properties of the leather, such as tear and tensile strength, imparting fullness and roundness on the one hand, while guaranteeing softness and excellent light fastness at the same time. Ledoresin GUM main impact is on the pleasant and gummy touch of the leather, a feature which makes it a suitable product for shoe uppers and leather goods.

Ledoresin A84
Ledoresin A84 is a short chain acrylic resin which forms a soft and elastic film. The short chain structure enables this resin to penetrate deeply and spread uniformly throughout the fibres. Ledoresin A84 can be used during different stages, such as neutralisation, retannage and fatliquoring. It helps dyeing uniformity on the whole hide surface, even on wrinkles. This resin is suitable to obtain very soft, tight grain articles, especially for leather goods, automotive and upholstery.