SKA, Shoes for life

Ska Shoes
This is the tagline chosen by SKA, Lombardy-based enterprise, and it perfectly conveys its commitment and goals.

Tailoring quality, the finest raw materials and Italian design. These are three of the distinctive traits of all the creations developed by SKA, family-run business, in its third generation, that has managed to turn shoe manufacturing into a true trademark. Models featuring an Italian soul and a Spanish streak, conceived to embody the Mediterranean culture and its values: the perfect combination between traditional craftsmanship and ongoing style research, further embellished by the utmost care for details and processing techniques.

The final result is an ample range of articles that, over the years, has succeeded in winning over the heart of an international clientele, by perfectly balancing elegance and comfort. The SS21 collection is truly multi-faceted, as it encompasses both the classic lines and the URBAN 360° models, entirely devoid of any animalderived component. SKA is a company with a triple soul: not only a trustworthy producer for internationally renowned brands and reliable supplier for smalland middle-sized shoe shops, but also an actual store, always open online as well as seasonally in certain places of affection. All the articles – 3000 pairs per day – are manufactured in the facility based in Elche, Spain and are then sold worldwide: the materials used (leathers, fabrics, microfibres and soles) are purchased almost entirely from Italian and Spanish suppliers. The ever-growing commitment in terms of sustainability and environmental safeguard goes hand in hand with the special attention always paid to occupational safety and health issues, in full compliance with the current regulations and with CSR policies.