SOLLINI GINO, Response capacity

SOLLINI GINOReliable partner for all the needs of the footwear sector, SOLLINI GINO works side by side with the customer by providing a prompt, competitive service as well as a constantly upgraded range of articles.

icli sollini
Icli Sollini

“China’s experience highlights that diversification helps limit risks,” explained Icli Sollini when we met him at Lineapelle. An even more relevant statement given the effects of the ongoing pandemic. At the latest February edition, the owner of the company headquartered in Monte Urano, specialized in the distribution of products and integrated solutions for the footwear industry, welcomed us in a renovated stand: a screen showed the pictures of the 50th anniversary’s recent celebration – as the firm was founded in 1969 by his father Gino.

 “Nowadays, the greatest risk does not concern price-oriented competition, but rather not getting the material or not getting it in time. Hence, it is easy to understand the core mission of an enterprise such as ours, whose strategic value lies in the ability to provide the clientele with a service that manages to comply with market conditions.” In a perfect world, a company plans out production according to demand assessment, carries out manufacturing activities depending on said plan and processes orders little by little. However, reality is different: not only scheduling is often re-arranged due to unexpected orders, but the new just-in-time philosophy entails proceeding with the production of articles that are either already sold and to be sold shortly. 

In other words, today, orders handling results, more often than not, in very tight manufacturing times. Therefore, if, on the one hand, it is deemed imperative to cooperate with reliable suppliers, on the other, – especially in view of what is currently happening worldwide – it is necessary, as confirmed by Sollini, “to avoid counting too much on countries like China and India for the provision of components and accessories. The economic lesson is apparent: the pandemic has taught us that the best strategy is to diversify supply sources, to rely on alternative options in order to not deal with a situation such as the current one.” In over fifty years of experience, Sollini Gino has been providing different types of products: the enterprise keeps falling into step with the latest trends, constantly updating its catalogue according to the current demands, so much so that, besides footwear accessories, there are also Covid-19 PPEs designed to guarantee the safety of companies and employees. “To be successful, you must be better than the others,” underlined Sollini. “Service speed, precision and comprehensiveness always pay off, as much as the ability to guarantee an ample range of complementary products that meet the customers’ needs, resulting in significant benefits time- and cost-wise. We are not mere suppliers, but true partners. Our corporate policy fosters a transparent approach, the desire to establish a trust and friendship bond that goes beyond the usual professional relationship.

Thanks also to the best technologies (automated storage, barcode logistics, just to name a few), the customers turning to us know they will get a swift, comprehensive service, able to enhance their own work as well.” “Our network of agents and branch offices,” stated Sollini, “is active throughout Europe and more. If, in the past, our reference area encompassed the Marche-based provinces of Fermo, Ascoli Piceno and Macerta, today, exports account for 90% of the corporate turnover, as our article are sold both within and outside the EU borders: Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Portugal, Mexico, Ethiopia, Morocco are some of our key markets.”