SOLLINI GINO New antimicrobial bags


From accessories and components to reinforcements and interlinings, up to finishing articles and packaging tools. SOLLINI GINO company headquartered in Monte Urano, Fermo province, is able to provide the footwear industry with integrated solutions designed for all types of needs and demands, as well as with an efficient distribution service throughout Europe.

Icli Sollini

Icli Sollii at the latest edition of Lineapelle. Providing a multi-faceted, top-notch range of accessories for the footwear and leatherware sectors, the company is the perfect partner for all needs.

Sollini Gino is the exclusive dealer, among other things, of the Chinese brand Micro-Pak®, a nontoxic, eco-friendly, cutting-edge system conceived to protect packaged merchandise from moisture damages. The latest innovation featured by Micro-Pak is called MPX2TM Polybags. The new product sold by Sollini Gino entails a safe and effective method to avoid the proliferation of moulds and bacteria on shoes, garments, bags, accessories, small leather goods, houseware and other items.

MPX2TM are supplied in sealed packaging and are available in five different sizes (additional options can be manufactured upon request). Easy to use, they guarantee to the product, during the final packaging phase, the protection of a very peculiar plastic bag. As a matter of fact, the integrated antimicrobial technology allows to prevent the growth and spread of moulds and bacteria.

Tests carried out by third parties confirm that MPX2TM Polybags can ensure a 99.9% reduction in the levels of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus within 24 hours. The product is also very effective when it comes to the elimination of the Aspergillus niger, a very common mould type.