SPAZIO CREATIVO 2nd Edition December 5th 6th 2018, Firenze


Opening the doors of its 2nd edition, SPAZIO CREATIVO is the event that on December 5 and 6 will transform the Padiglione Fureria of Florence’s Fortezza da Basso into the interdisciplinary laboratory of a selected group of thirteen Italian excellences in the tanning, textile and artisan sectors. The companies will present original and exclusive productions, created together combining different materials and techniques. The designers and researchers visiting the event will be immersed in an all-round creative experience where nothing, from the decor to the music, to the chef’s selection and even the scents, is left to chance. “We want SPAZIO CREATIVO to be a place where to meet and be inspired by different worlds, know-hows and experiences,” says Marco Marchetti who, together with fashion designer Alessandra Marchi, is curating the artistic direction of the event, “that can take visitors into an exciting creative dimension, separate but complementary to the stricter impositions of the market.”

Five tanneries: Italpel (Ponte a Egola – San Miniato, PI) produces vegetable tanned leather, Louisiane (Milan) is a global leader for reptile and exotic leather, Martucci, from Solofra (AV) is known for their light and soft leathers, Pieragnoli 1974 (Santa Croce sull’Arno, PI) specializes in processing operations but also produces a limited quantity of camel leathers and Sanlorenzo (Castelfranco di Sotto, PI) focuses on quality sheep skin, especially luxury shearling. Two exceptional new entries: Italian Converter (Vigevano, PV) that produces innovative fabrics for footwear, leather goods, clothing and furnishings and Mazzanti Piume (Florence),  the historical feather atelier working with the most famous fashion houses worldwide. Once again, there will be Leta (Noventa Padovana, PD), producer of quality accessories and components, as well as five laboratories: E.B. Termoadesivi (Vinci, FI) specializes in quilting, needle-punching and embroidery, Lasermarc (Casciana Terme, Lari, PI) works with laser and cutting techniques, New Lorima (Santa Croce sull’Arno, PI), specializes in leather finishings, lamination and print, PGC (Ponte a Egola, PI) offers extensive printing services on leather and other materials and  Piovese Fashion (Brugine, PD) produces customizations, labels and applications.


Ten IED Firenze students will realize and exhibit products of various kinds, made using materials and processes made available by the companies participating in SPAZIO CREATIVO. The project brings together students’ creativity and the precious support of professionals and artisans who for decades have made our country one of the most important in the world, working on a product that combines craftsmanship, quality, know-how and a vision closely linked to evolution and the needs of today’s markets.

“In such a chaotic moment, in terms of trends and markets — says Andrea Nardi, Fashion Program Coordinator at IED Florence – where the media offer increasingly becomes the consumer’s product demand and the image very often counts more than quality itself, the idea on which the collaboration between IED Florence and Spazio Creativo is based on is to strengthen the offer maximizing the creativity of students, the future professionals, and limiting as much as possible this gap, while highlighting the importance of culture and craftsmanship in the fashion sector, without compromising the vision of innovation.”

The second edition of SPAZIO CREATIVO will be multi-sensorial, thanks to the collaboration of two special partners. The ambiance fragrances company Bugetti Essenze di Toscana will lead visitors through a journey of discovery of the perfumes and colors that inspired their fragrances line dedicated to some of the most amazing, albeit possibly lesser known, places of Tuscany.  While K-array, the Florence-based manufacturer renowned worldwide for their unique high quality audio solutions, will curate an evocative sound installation inside the Padiglione Fureria, using revolutionary elements with innovative design, like Anakonda KAN2000, that easily adapt even to extremely curved or angular spaces.

SPAZIO CREATIVO is organized by Tonilab 25, under the artistic direction of their style and research department director, Marco Marchetti, and the designer Alessandra Marchi, who will exhibit some of the garments she has produced, through the years, working with the participating companies.

The 2nd Edition of SPAZIO CREATIVO is taking place inside the Padiglione Fureria, at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, on December 5 and 6, between 9.30AM and 6,30PM. Access to the event is reserved to professionals and journalists by invitation. | Instagram: @spazio.creativo