STEMMA Innovation for cutting-edge products

stemma standStemma boasts more than twenty years of experience in the development of technologies and in the manufacturing of systems and machines for moulding polyurethane articles. The solutions designed and provided by the firm based in Cornuda (Treviso province) are then used for the making of soles for shoes and sports goods, industrial technical items, furnishing lining, for the recycling of plastic materials.

STEMMA Pellizzari Bordin

Ing. Ettore Bordin

“As far as the turnover is concerned, 2018 turned out to be our best year,” explained Ettore Bordin, Stemma’s partner and technical manager, “and, according to the first orders received in 2019, we expect to improve further still.” Great satisfaction for the results collected at the latest edition of Simac Tanning Tech, the international exhibition focused on machinery and technologies for the footwear, leatherware and tanning industries. “Among the many innovations showcased during the fair, a special mention goes to the double ring system for the production of footwear featuring a polyurethane-injected sole with three different densities,” stated the Venetian engineer, “as well as to our ‘Skin 3D’ technology, used for the production of a polyurethane clog meant for professional use: a brand new technology that allows to obtain a tough, flawless leather with a soft inner side; that is an innovative product, never marketed before.”

On the same occasion, Stemma put on display the prototype of a pair of glasses as well, still under development, equipped with video camera and microphone that allows to provide remote assistance from the firm’s headquarters directly to the customers, independently from their location. An innovation that aroused the interest of the Simac visitors.
Thanks to the long-standing experience acquired by working side by side with renowned footwear enterprises, Stemma has become a benchmark for the sector, able to provide a comprehensive range of direct injection plants: a success further fostered by a highly qualified technical staff that, every day, supports and helps the customers all over the world.