Stemma, State-of-the-art technology

Thanks to VAR, “Video Assisted Report”, Stemma launches a new system for injection processes monitoring.

STEMMA has launched “V.A.R”, a cutting-edge system designed to monitor polyurethane foaming processes, applied to the footwear sector. VAR has now become a well-known word, as it defines the video assistance system used by football referees to analyze unclear situations during the game.

STEMMA has matched the acronym VAR with the terms “Video Assisted Report” and applied the concept to machinery devised for the production of polyurethanesoled shoes, so as to provide customers with a reliable tool able to monitor and examine the whole manufacturing process.

Just like during football games, STEMMA’s VAR gives to the technicians dealing with the moulding plant the chance to review each single injection and, by means of a specific software programme, to immediately pinpoint any deviation from standard process values that might give rise to malfunction issues and that might result in maintenance activities.

Every phase of the injection procedure is monitored and each parameter is registered, filed and analyzed by an internal software. Thanks to this technological support, the employee knows what to do whenever an anomaly in the injection process occurs.

VAR is one of the most recent monitoring devices implemented on the cutting-edge machines designed by STEMMA, conceived to ensure the highest efficiency when it comes to production and work organization.

Innovations developed in compliance with the Industry 4.0 standards, according to which the machine is interconnected with the corporate IT system, processes are monitored thoroughly, data are constantly filed and analyzed, and production is optimized via management and planning software programmes.