Style Febbraio 2020

STYLE Febbraio 2020
STYLE Febbraio 2020, 
Material, Technology and Fashion Components Magazine.

New ideas and style concepts, a month full of key events

Lineapelle, Simac and Tanning Tech, the three key exhibitions held in Milan in February, put in the limelight innovative solutions, cutting-edge materials and technologies, showcased by prominent companies with a keen eye for new market segments in line with social changes. Through the in-depth knowledge concerning materials and the use of responsible processes, amazing ideas and styles are brought to life, while paying close attention to the end product’s traceability. This issue will feature an overview of the next fashion trends for shoes and bags as well as of the latest developments concerning soles and heels, materials like leathers and fabrics, accessories and components. Moreover, the spotlight is on enterprises implementing eco-friendly practices such as, for example, the employment of recycled materials combined with natural elements. New ideas, new styles, increasingly focused on environmental impact and sustainability.

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