Style February 2017

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Material, Technology and Components Magazine. Readers: manufacturers, designers and in-house design studios. Editorial Contents: advance trend information; trend setting colour palettes, materials and components; latest sketches and models through virtual images and prototypes worldwide news, opinions and key events

This issue’s highlights

Spring/Summer 2018 New fashion trends for an ever-changing market
The optimization of the production processes through the most advanced technological research: this is the ultimate goal pursued by all those working in the leather sector, now more than ever concerned about environmental care. This new issue of our magazine is going to focus on high-profile companies, ranging from tanneries to the manufacturers of textiles, synthetic fabrics, machinery and components, with interviews and articles. As always, you can browse the latest trends and products in our special GUIDE, followed by news from the fashion world.

Sommario / Contents


69   Colori e tendenze estate 2018 / colours and trends Summer 2018
93   primavera/estate 2018 in progress / Spring/Summer 2018 a work in progress

Hints & Notes

14   Project Creative by Andreacchio
16   Barbara Mantelli
18   Antonio Pandolfo
20  Bettini & Penazzato
26   Diego Falleri
30   Il Pavone-Gian Pietro Papa
34    Tonino Cannucci
38   Luciano Monetti Studio
42   Studio Destro
44   Renato Berto
50   Immagine Più
51   Punto & Capo
52   Massimo Berta
54   Franco Robecchi
56   Studio Goretti


126     Flex Tex
136     MMC Colombo
142     Ambrosetti
146   Donaire Portugal
200  F.lli Alberti
210  Pellegrini Group

Summer 2018 GUIDE

114   Concerie / Tanneries
212   Spazio alle idee / Make way to new ideas