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TECNOCHIMICA, Andrea Fastelli, Andrea Bechini, Leonardo Leonardi, Simone Gelli

Andrea Fastelli, Andrea Bechini, Leonardo Leonardi, Simone Gelli

Tecsint ® VRX, a better yield for leather
The Tuscan company based in Castelfranco di Sotto invests in research, transforming the ideas that arise from the meeting with the needs of the tanning industry in innovative products able to generate value.
A product that does not fear comparisons and has all the cards in place to give a breakthrough to the market of synthetic tannins for the tanning industry. The new line Tecsint®VRX of condensed polymers designed by Tecnochimica allows to achieve outstanding results on leathers, compared to the traditional synthetic tannins, such as: a better fastness of re-tanning agents and pigments resulting in brighter shades and more exhausted dyeing baths; a limited employment of fillers on the empty areas of the hides, leading to a reduced amount of ashes and sulphates in the liming; an increase in terms of available surface, ranging from 5% to 15%. The technical staff conducted a search on a variety of articles of varying source and size, from the classic smooth box to the frilled or smooth nappa leather. “Thanks to the strong penetration and distribution within the fibers, – explains Simone Gelli, member of the managing board – we have noticed a growth in the stretching of the hide, featuring fuller and more open wrinkles. The performance is obviously linked to the type of raw material as well as of tanning method, but we have never come upon a decrease in yield, while, on the contrary, there is always a rise in thickness. Moreover, excellent results can be achieved in the finishing phase. Obviously, higher the technology of the machinery, the more the final results will get close to perfection.”
In the new headquarters in Via del Salice, in front of the old production plant, Tecnochimica is now able to provide even more efficient after sales service, capable of providing an adequate response to the quality requirements and sustainable development of the modern tanning industry.