Style Modainpelle June 2018 ‘sample edition’

Style Modainpelle June 2018

Shoes and Bags Magazine, readers: buyers, specialized outlets, shops and international department stores. Editorial Contents: advance trend information, latest collections, colour palettes, opinions from industry leaders, general news and key events



Timeless style choices replace the season concept

Ever-changing trends and styles make it difficult to thoroughly understand what lies in store for the fashion and accessories sectors: special attention has been paid to the solutions launched by stylists, architects and designer that, by using the latest processing techniques, have given life to sophisticated yet unusual creations, succeeding in thinking outside the box. Therefore, it is necessary to seize the moment and to embrace change by combining nature and technology, thus arousing the interest of consumers from all over the world on the lookout for high-performance products. In this context, fashion brings forward ideas inspired by architecture and design – two sectors that in the past have never failed to provide unconventional, even bizarre concepts and projects. This issue will also comprise a preview of the 2019 Spring/ Summer trends, interviews to and articles concerning the most renowned players in the footwear branch, as well as reports on industry trade shows. Next edition of the magazine, September 2018.

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