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Shoes and Bags Magazine, readers: buyers, specialized outlets, shops and international department stores. Editorial Contents: advance trend information, latest collections, colour palettes, opinions from industry leaders, general news and key events



One the one hand, the latest seasons have put in the limelight the peaks of creativity achieved by internationally renowned designers, as confirmed by the wide range of bold, yet original combinations and effects; on the other, the most recent trends highlight a renewed interest in an elegant, refined style for both men’s and women’s collections – usually re-interpreted in a fashionable way, in balance between innovation and nostalgia. Therefore, high-end collections provide top-notch, traditionally-shaped bags and shoes, made with hides featuring beautiful, handmade nuances and with cutting-edge hi-tech materials. This trend applies also to sneakers – boasting eye-catching details, thick soles and creative uppers -, the perfect blend between classic and modern solutions, to be matched with the trendiest urban outfits. As always, thanks to its unexpected twists and turns, fashion never ceases to amaze.

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Style Modainpelle September 2018

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