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Material, Technology and Components Magazine. Readers: manufacturers, designers and in-house design studios. Editorial Contents: advance trend information; trend setting colour palettes, materials and components; latest sketches and models through virtual images and prototypes worldwide news, opinions and key events

This issue’s highlights – The 2018-2019 F/W trends pave the way for summer 2019

Ever-changing trends and a dynamic attitude: fashion brands are constantly on the lookout for new design solutions and innovative developments, supported by groundbreaking companies that, thanks to their commitment and qualified know-how, keep launching on the market state-of-the-art, eco-friendly products. The next 2018-2019 F/W trends will be the highlight of our new guide, encompassing hides, fabrics, synthetic materials and a wide range of components – cutting-edge heels, soles and bottoms to be used for the brand-new footwear and leatherware collections.


Colori e tendenze Autunno Inverno ‘18-’19/ Colours and trens Winter ‘18-’19 – Autunno Inverno in progress Fall/Winter Trends lie in the details –   Point of View Winter ‘18-’19

Hints & Notes
El Vaquero – Immagine Più – Studio Goretti – Diego Falleri – Project Creative – Immagine – Più /Punto & Capo – Renato Berto – Nello Bastianelli – Antonio Pandolfo – Bettini & Penazzato

Luigi Carnevali – Nastrotex – Sollini Gino – Hawai Italia – Anzani Machinery – Comec – Officine di Cartigliano

Winter ‘18/’19 GUIDE
Concerie/Tanneries – Componenti/Components – Tessuti/Fabrics