Style Shoes & Bags Settembre 2020

Style Shoes&Bags Settembre 2020

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STYLE SHOES&BAGS September 2020, Shoes and Bags Magazine.

Editorial Contents: advance trend information, latest collections, colour palettes.

Style Shoes&Bags Settembre 2020
Being visible for potential customers and finding new partners in the B2B space

Times are changing, but it is certainly up to us to decide how we will change with them. A much larger variety of factors will likely have to be taken into consideration to create better engagement and addressing decision makers’ pain points based on all the available data. We are facing the challenge of adopting AI with a rising volume of metrics to be decoded. Meanwhile, people have an enormous desire to live and are more aware than ever about how small the world is and how equal we are. Therefore, the priority of brands must be to invest in celebrating who we are, what we love and what we dream of. Real experiences must be activated – although perhaps what is “real” must be reconsidered – to respond to the explosion of activities that will accompany the end of the de-escalation. There are two stages: what we can do now and what we should do when it all happens. In both cases, we must design new brand experiences that are not subject to the limitations of a single virtual or physical space, but rather combine both worlds, complementing each other.
Certainly, you have to take advantage of virtual platforms to connect people, places and real-life events, but let’s not forget that real life is human experience, not the screen. The world that will emerge from this crisis will be as technological as ever, but more humane than ever. Perhaps we will enjoy a democratized virtual future, a place where we can all thrive in all aspects of life. The pandemic has made us more open to new ways of doing things. But it is life and its deep emotions that brands have to connect with. These pages introduce a variety of ideas to inspire shoe and bag collections for next season.

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