Style Shoes&Bags Febbraio 2020

STYLE SHOES&BAGS FEBBRAIO 2020, Shoes and Bags Magazine, 

Editorial Contents: advance trend information, latest collections, colour palettes.

Experimentation, cutting-edge solutions and evergreen classics in the new decade

The fashion industry is still going through a period of transition that concerns a category of luxury products, both elegant and sports one, thanks to the results achieved by research projects dealing with eco-friendly materials. A new classic style, featuring a touch of Britishness, is put in the limelight in footwear and bags collections, the latter favouring, as far as male fashion is concerned, large-sized models. This issue will focus on two high-profile clusters based in Veneto, that is, Riviera del Brenta and Montebelluna, both of them able to take on the challenges of the global market by providing fashionable, top-notch articles, developed in a breathtaking context in terms of art, history, nature and culture. A special mention for the news and articles regarding the sector’s most recent developments: we are going to spend the next couple of months monitoring closely the evolution of market and customs.

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Style Shoes&Bags Febbraio 20

Index: 06 Milano, Aimpes Servizi, Alberto Luti, Alemplast, Alfredo Beretta, Alpina, Antonio E Elia Maurizi, Apiccaps, Artioli, Asfvlt, Assocalzaturifici, Axa Shoes, Aymod Fair, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Bonfanti, Brimarts, Calzaturificio F.Lli Vanni, Calzaturificio Star, Campomaggi, Caprice, Chevignon, Clarks, Colors Of California, Cpm Fair, Dami, De La Chaussure, Eurocompo, Fabi, Faguo, Fashion World Tokyo, Federation Francaise, Finproject, Florence Bags, Fly Flot, Frenpi Srl, Futurmoda, Gallery Shoes Fair, Galli Spa, Gap Shoes Fair, Ghoud, Gmv – Gianni Maitan Venezia, Gommus, Gruppo Di Bello, I.P.R, Igedo Company Gmbh & Co. Kg, Inblu, Inuikii, Jeffery West, L4k3, Lampa Group, Laura Di Maggio, Luis Trenker, Manu, Marocuir Fair, Menghi Shoes, Menghi Shoes & Co, Micam Fair, Mino Ronzoni, Mipel Fair, Misaf Fair, Missmargó, Moreschi, Nastrotex-Cufra, Newcomer Group Co. Ltd., Overmec, Paolo Da Ponte, Pelletteria Charlotte, Pelletterie Genovese, Piquadro, Poland Shoes Expo Fair, Post&Co., Romit Spa, Serafini, Silvano Lattanzi, Ska Shoes, Solazzo, Stewart, The Bridge, Valfussbett, Xti Footwear, Zerogrand.