TECNOCHIMICA, Sustainability-oriented future

Simone Gelli, Tecnochimica

Simone Gelli, Managing Director

Specialized in the production and sale of chemicals for the tanning industry, Tecnochimica focuses more and more on eco- sustainability thanks to the SYP – SAVE YOUR PLANET range.

A future under the aegis of sustainability and of green-oriented policies. An entrepreneurial strategy, not just a slogan, carried out by TECNOCHIMICA, enterprise headquartered in Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa province), specialized in the manufacturing and sale of chemicals for the tanning industry, that has managed to gain a strong foothold in the international markets thanks to a comprehensive range of products such as synthetic tannins, resins, oils and fatliquors, liming agents, dyestuffs and finishing articles. At the 2020 edition of Simac Tanning Tech, the exhibition held in Milan last February, we met Simone Gelli, Managing Director as well as one of the four partners (together with Andrea Bechini, Andrea Fastelli and Leonardo Leonardi) of the Tuscany-based firm.

“When it comes to eco-sustainability,” explained Gelli during the visit at the corporate stand, “you really have to put words into action: it is of prime importance to reduce completely sulphates and other polluting components, while striving to limit water consumption. We have been heading down this path for quite some time, and now we are benefitting from being at the forefront in grasping the demands of the global market and its growing attention to environmental safeguard.” Regarding the choices made by TECNOCHIMICA, a strategic role was played by the launch, just over a year ago, of the new SYP line, an acronym standing for “Save Your Planet”, that encompasses a multi-faceted array of solutions, ranging from the beamhouse phase to finishing operations. “Since early 2019,” explained the co-owner of the company, “we have been providing these innovative solutions, met with great success both on the domestic market and internationally. Recently, we have been investing significant resources in R&D activities and we will keep doing so in the years to come as well, even though it is an expensive endeavour. Our ultimate goal has always been to develop something new, both in terms of innovation and when it comes to product categories: these are all eco-friendly articles, belonging to the patented line registered with the name SYP. Since the firm’s establishment in 2004, we have been always dealing with natural biopolymers, both plant- and animal-based: at the beginning, they appeared to be a risky gamble, but, over the years, we have succeeded in selling them worldwide. Some industry professionals do not pay the same attention to sustainability, but the way to the future lies in that direction: it is an integral part of our development strategies, because it helps guarantee beautiful, premium hides, that is, an added value quality-wise.”