SYN-BIOS INK FOR LEATHER® SPRAY, inks also for leather finishing

SYN-BIOS leather finishing

SYN-BIOS brings the successful INK FOR LEATHER®  series also to the finishing process: the concept of replacing classic dyestuffs with INK FOR LEATHER® system for drum dyeing, now also comes to finishing with INK FOR LEATHER® SPRAY. The  new  line  of  inks  replacing  liquid  anilines  is  born The  INK  FOR LEATHER®  range expands and now becomes more complete.

SYN-BIOS leather finishing

An example of the maximum penetration of SYN-BIOS inks in the leather

Created by Syn- Bios after examining all aspects of leather drum dyeing and the possibility to use colours resistant to every test, the range now offers a selection of water- based inks for a result until now unthinkable. In fact, items dyed with the INK FOR LEATHER®   colours pass every test of fastness to light, heat, migration on plasticised PVC and washing, reaching the highest levels. The absence of hazardous substances also ensures that the formulations are not classified as  dangerous  to  man  and  the  environment.

The  combination  of  maximum resistance and absence of hazardous substances therefore makes INK FOR LEATHER®  the winning brand for leather drum dyeing, introducing a completely new concept of dyeing. «We developed the inks to replace traditional dyes to research a more eco-friendly tanning process: traditional colours during the dyeing process develop very “unpleasant” substances, such as aromatic amines, salts, chlorides. These elements, instead, are completely absent with the inks », says Enrico Gastaldello, manager of the company and son of the founder and president Daniele Gastaldello. «In the meantime, our research has continued and today, after two years, we have managed to bring the concept of inks also to the finishing phase». In order to continue offering a variety of solutions and technologies that do not have an impact on health and the environment, with high performance and maximum efficiency, the company based in Montebello Vicentino has now introduced the water-based inks in the finishing stage too. In fact, the new INK FOR LEATHER®  SPRAY range allows to correct and/or further bring out the colour tone obtained after the drum dyeing process, maintaining the outstanding fastness to light and to migration on PVC.

The range is particularly recommended for nubuck, suede and pure aniline leathers, accentuating bright and permanent tones: the colours of the INK FOR LEATHER® SPRAY range allow obtaining a transparency and brilliance comparable to finishing aniline. The colours are sprayed after dilution with water and the appropriate auxiliary agents included in the range, for an immediately visible result: these specially designed auxiliary agents serve to enhance the general performances and to increase chemical and physical fastness, equalizing the leather crust and preserving the colour naturalness for a unique result. Excellent results are achieved with the combination of the two ranges of the same family: INK FOR LEATHER® to replace traditional dyes and INK FOR LEATHER®  SPRAY in the finishing process instead of liquid anilines. The new finishing line therefore can be integrated and can work synergistically with that one for drum dyeing, having the same eco-friendly parameters.