SYN-BIOS SpA, 30 years of success

syn-bios sede Montebello Vicentino

The chemical company based in Vicenza is always in step with the times, even when speaking about the enviroment It’s a thirty-year entrepreneurial story the one about SYN-BIOS SpA, chemical company based in Montebello Vicentino, founded in 1988 by Daniele Gastaldello and now in its second generation: “In a way, my father can be easily defined as a pioneer – says Enrico Gastaldello, general manager, son of Daniele who is still president and CEO – ; when he was only twenty-eight he left a safe place and a prominent job in another company of the tanning-chemical industry to start up his own, lucky adventure.

Enrico Gastaldello

Enrico Gastaldello, general manager SYN-BIOS SpA

Thanks to his deep passion and inventiveness we’ve been one of the very first companies in the sector to promote the use of water-based products as an alternative to the traditional solvents. My father always believed in sustainable alternatives, anticipating the times and even making ours the first Italian company to produce its own line of water-based fixatives. The first company’s headquarters were based in Arzignano, but six years later we moved to a much larger building, located in the industrial area of ​​Montebello Vicentino, which led the company to quickly and successfully expand.” Quality and innovation for a safe product serving tanning industry: these values ​​have been the driving force behind the success of SYN- BIOS SpA and they all come from the founder and president Daniele Gastaldello who was able to pass them down to his staff over time, right from the beginning.

Daniele Gastaldello

Daniele Gastaldello, President and CEO of SYN-BIOS SpA

SYN-BIOS provides an extremely broad range of high performance chemicals and customized services through integrated solutions that meet the different requirements of the different tanning branches on a daily basis: the entire business is focused on meeting the needs of the markets worldwide, offering cutting-edge solutions in line with the customer’s qualitative and environmental needs. SYN-BIOS’ mission is to support the production and to constantly supply successful products, namely innovative solutions that anticipate the needs of the customer, able to comply with increasingly restrictive national and international regulations and equally demanding specifications. “The constant, deep attention to research and innovation, standing out in our ecofriendly products, led us, over the years, to meet the market’s needs, and often, to anticipate them. We are strongly committed to this, especially to the environmental impact, that’s why we always aim at creating eco-sustainable items for the tanning industry: our goal is to achieve an ever-evolving product, made with cutting-edge technologies, thanks to which we can be the ideal partner for any tanning group that seeks for innovation, reliability, quality and safety.” “We work in many fields – adds the manager, referring to the industrial sectors – but the most important is surely the automotive, where we already cooperate with some important players: the strict tests carried out over the years have allowed us to adapt our product to the needs of tanneries, providing customized, eco-friendly solutions. Our flagship is certainly the Research & Development Division, made up of a very skillful team boasting a deep experience in this field, who is constantly committed to research and to the creation of effective formulations able to get above-average results. For us, competitiveness and innovation have always been the first goal to be pursued in order to offer customers new opportunities: that’s why we have always given a great technological and economic support as well as human resources to the R&D department. Solutions for optimizing production processes come from our laboratory tests. That’s where new formulations as well as prototypes of innovative machinery and devices are tested: this area have always been considered a strategic spot of our company. We have always grown constantly in terms of technology and quality performance.

SYN-BIOS logo” Entering and then establishing itself in many markets, the Vicenza-based company has reached 50% export share of the whole turnover: “The truth we fortunately never suffered the crisis – concludes Enrico Gastaldello – as we have intelligently known how to diversify our offer, but also thanks to the great trust we establish with all our customers. I am personally very proud of our work: as they get into our company, simple raw materials are subject to a meticulous process, up to becoming a real chemical product, traceable in all its production steps. This is very important for our customers, to whom we guarantee a constant and widespread assistance. Actually, we are a real chemical industry that works for the tanning industry.” “The current situation of the global market is unstable, even because of aspects that leave aside the sector itself; I am referring, for example, to the customs duties, which risk to penalize some countries and sectors instead of others. The Chinese market is no longer ‘the hook’ that has been for years, but at the same time other countries of Southeast Asia have grown. We also work well with Europe and the Americas”.

SYN-BIOS SpA 30 anni