SYN-BIOS, tradition and innovation

For thirty years, the mission of SYN-BIOS has been to flank the constant production and supply of products of acclaimed success with the continuous proposal of innovative solutions that anticipate the clients’ needs. All in complete respect of the increasingly severe national and international regulations and equally demanding technical specifications.


“At the cutting-edge for years in its choice and introduction of revolutionary solutions, SYN-BIOS was the first to foster the use of water-based formulas, proposing a more than valid solution to solvent-based products which were universally used in the tanning industry at the time. And now, just as we did then, we anticipate the needs of the market. Over the last few years we’ve been promoting the completely new concept of barrel dying, presenting a new range of water-based dyes for the soaking stage to replace – especially for those seeking greener tanning processes – traditional dyes, which have recently come ‘under accusation’ due to the high level of salts in the cutting fluids, which can increase the levels of pollutants like sulphates and chloride in the liquid waste from the tanning process. In this way, we’ve resolved the age-old issues of using products that are dangerous for the environment, eliminating salt effluents and ensuring the products are free of banned aromatic amines. In the meantime, our research has also allowed us to recently introduce the concept of ink even in the finishing stage”, declares Giulia Fontana, technical Director of SYN-BIOS.

Giulia Fontana SYN-BIOS

Giulia Fontana, technical Director of SYN-BIOS

The INK FOR LEATHER® range guarantees vibrant tones, brilliance and even coloration on both sections and surfaces. It also provides optimal resistance (to washing, light, heat, solvents, chemical agents, right the way through to PVC migration), without altering the natural finish of the leather. “We’ve managed to give the leather these characteristics already during the barrel dying process. Now the INK FOR LEATHER® SPRAY can also be used to enhance the tones and characteristics achieved during the dying process even further. Because they are part of the same product family, the new finishing range works in complete harmony with and is an integral part of the previous range of barrel inks, while still maintaining the same ecological parameters.

Thanks to our constant research and our cutting-edge production plants, we can produce extremely high-performance solutions that traditional processes and products are unable to achieve. As well as the very nature and philosophy of the company, the motivation in this direction also comes from our clients who increasingly need sustainable products that have a low environmental impact. In fact, more than ever before, market needs are now focused on more sustainable and ecological tanning processes, starting from the raw materials used, right the way through to the finished product, which the user must be able to wear in complete safety. Furthermore, it’s increasingly important to provide operators with a product that is safer to handle”.