Tacchificio Monti, Accessories in the limelight

tacchificio monti
Detail is the protagonist of the new collection presented by Tacchificio Monti, the company based in Marzabotto (Bologna province) specialized in the production of heels, soles and accessories for women’s footwear addressed to the top fashion brands.

Lara Monti tacchificio Monti
Lara Monti

Alongside the heels, featuring increasingly creative and complex surface finishes, for the first time the company launched a line of accessories for shoes, leather goods and clothing, designed to diversify production and meet to a wider range of needs: “From a customer’s request – explains us Lara Monti – came the idea to create our own collection of fashion accessories made in traditional materials such as ABS, TR and TPU. The latest trend is ABS molded chains, therefore characterized by extreme lightness: an added value compared to the metal ones, even if prices of both lines are basically in the same range.”

The company follows the development of the article from A to Z, from the initial design up to the finishing of the printed product; this process is possible thanks to use of the best artisan and technical skills and the use of state-of-the-art machinery.