Tacchificio Monti e Solid Energy: fighting the virus together

The Tacchificio Monti has started the production of components for health workers.

Following the business lockdown, Tacchificio Monti, thanks to Energy Group, historic supplier of 3D machines and prototype materials, got in contact with Solid Energy, a company specializing in reverse engineering, dimensional qualification and certified 3D printing.

Solid Energy conceived a special item that, together with FP filters, transforms a normal snorkeling mask into a PPE for healthcare personnel or anyone who needs to come into contact with people potentially positive to the CoVid19 virus. Back in March 28th, Lara and Gabriele Monti started to use their 3D prototyping machine exclusively for the making of this item.

To date, over 200 pieces have been delivered, with constant feedback from Solid Energy with whom Tacchificio Monti has built up an excellent relationship of esteem and collaboration, also testified by public posts of gratitude via social networks. www.tacchificiomonti.com www.energygroup.it  www.solidenergy.it