THIERRY RABOTIN The elegance of comfort

thierry rabotin
Revered by a fashion-forward femininity, the Italian footwear brand puts at the forefront stylistic and materials innovation, while still paying close attention to comfort It has turned comfort into its distinctive trait, while never neglecting the alluring power and the elegance of Italian style. Currently, the brand Thierry Rabotin – established thanks to the partnership between the namesake footwear designer, who passed away last August, Giovanna Ceolini and Karl Schlecht, is among the leading names in the field of comfortable shoes, entirely manufactured in Italy, conceived for dynamic, confident women who want to feel at ease wearing fashionable, fascinating creations. Andreas Schlecht and his brother Thomas, future leaders of Parabiago Collezioni, explained the secrets to the success of a company constantly on the rise, in whose production facility are assembled collections distributed worldwide.

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