Tecno Miniuterie, Crafters of fashion detail

For over thirty years, Tecno Minutuerie has been dealing with the manufacturing and development of ring hooks and sheared hooks, suitable for safety footwear and trekking shoes, while managing to further expand its product portfolio by adding buckles, eyelets, elastic pins for heels, inserts for heel lifts, and selfpiercing full rivets.

Ring hooks with used more for their aesthetic appeal rather than for trekking shoes.

Tecno Minuterie is constantly looking for production alternatives, inspired by its customers, to create new aesthetic and technical solutions, such as the large-volume buckles, highly appreciated by the audience, that boast a strong aesthetic impact and lightness without giving up on robustness and greatly reducing costs.

Full, rivetable eyelets obtained by cold coining and produced in different shapes.

Moreover, it has implemented a tumbling and washing system, using state-ofthe- art solutions with a low environmental impact. Over the years, the company headquartered in Selvazzano Dentro (Padua province) has succeeded in nurturing a successful synergy with its suppliers, an effort widely praised by the clientele; it has resorted to external galvanic treatments, in full compliance with the REACH regulations and with the customers’ demands, so as to effectively meet the increasingly sophisticated requirements of the market, now paying more and more attention to ecofriendly materials and finishes. www.tecnominuterie.com