Tecnochimica, SYP – Save Your Planet line, full speed ahead

Tecnochimica, company headquartered in Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa province) specialized in the production and sale of tanning chemicals, does not change its strategy, even in the post-Covid19 phase.

The Covid19 pandemic, that affected the whole world in the first half of 2020, has not succeeded in hampering the optimism and determination of TECNOCHIMICA SpA’s owners – company headquartered in Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa province) and specialized in the production and sale of chemicals for the tanning industry, that has managed to gain a strong foothold in the international markets thanks to a comprehensive array of articles ranging from syntans and resins to oils and fatliquors, from liming agents to dyestuffs and finishing products. The Tuscan firm was one of the exhibitors attending the ProssimaPelle event held on July 18th at the Museo della Conceria (Tanning Museum, editor’s note) in Santa Croce sull’Arno, pivotal leather district based in Pisa province as well: on that occasion, it showcased the latest innovations, some already displayed last February at the Simac Tanning Tech trade show.

“It felt only right to take part in ProssimaPelle,” explained Simone Gelli, Managing Director and one of TECNOCHIMICA’s four business partners (together with Andrea Bechini, Andrea Fastelli and Leonardo Leonardi), during the event, “given that we attended the previous editions as well, including the one hosted in Arzignano last fall. This is the first show held after the pandemic, while the last one took place in Milan. The exhibition area has been reduced, yet we have noticed that there are not only enterprises that manufacture IT systems and technologies, but also firms interested in the tanning sector and in the opportunities it can provide. Even though markets have not yet recovered and the situation is still uncertain, the decision to participate to ProssimaPelle led our team to prepare new products: due to the tight schedule, we were forced to speed up the processes, but we felt the need to showcase something new.

During spring, we did not close down our business and we keep heading down our growth path.” In spite of the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic, TECNOCHIMICA’s corporate strategy has not changed. “During this event as well,” stated Gelli, “we have put in the limelight the trend we have been pursuing for quite some time, that is, the green philosophy embodied by the SYP – SAVE YOUR PLANET line, the ace up our sleeve that we will keep developing in the future. This is a technique steadily improved over the years, more and more attentive to environmental safeguard: the drum products feature a significant share of sustainable components such as bio-based polymers; as for the finishing line, we have developed new articles resulting in lower water and energy consumption.”  www.tecnochimica.eu