Teknoleather, dyestuffs, tannins and fatliquors

The Veneto-based company Teknoleather, provides its clientele with a wide range of top-quality, safe and high-performance solutions, in full compliance with the current regulations and specifications concerning sustainability and environmental safeguard. Headquartered in the heart of the Vicenza’s tanning district, Teknoleather is a young enterprise, boasting a well-established know-how as well as an experienced, qualified staff: the mission pursued by the company is to provide the customer with the best quality available on the market, combined with cutting-edge technologies and respect for the environment – a commitment giving rise to an ample array of solutions and chemicals for the tanning process, innovative and customized, designed to effectively meet the demands of both the market and the clientele, and able to guarantee excellent results in terms of yield and performances, in line with current regulations. As a matter of fact, sustainability is one of the core values fostered by Teknoleather, not only from a manufacturing and environmental perspective, but also from a social and economic one.

We interviewed Santino Mecenero, who explained in detail the strengths and priorities of this all-Italian enterprise.

Santino Mecenero Teknoleather

Santino Mecenero

Can you tell us something more about the firm’s establishment?
Teknoleather is still a young tree, yet its roots run deep. As a matter of fact, the company was founded in 2013, but it can rely on the long-standing, international experience of its team, that has been working in the chemical sector since 1980 and that, over the years, has acquired skills and know-how then poured into this brand-new project.

What is Teknoleather’s main goal?
It’s to provide innovative, top-quality as well as customized products. We strive to become the ideal partner to large companies requiring know-how, experience and certifications. As per our policy, we address customers that manufacture articles on a global scale, designing solutions and technologies in line with European standards, fully compliant with the increasingly stricter parameters set by current specifications and regulations. We aim at being a streamlined company, that sells top-notch products to high-profile, large-sized enterprises for a truly demanding market segment.


What are your reference markets?
At the beginning, exports accounted for a 50% share of the corporate turnover. Right now, we are more focused on the domestic market, in view also of the uncertainty reigning internationally. In terms of foreign countries, the main destinations are China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Mexico and Central Africa. As far as Brazil is concerned, on the other hand, we collaborate mainly with either Italian companies working on-site or with the most prominent local firms. With regard to Italy, we focus mainly on Tuscany, where we have forged several partnerships, Veneto and, to a lesser extent, on the Solofra-based district. Furthermore, we can count on a network of experienced, qualified agents, who carefully monitor market trends and performances.


And what about the end sectors?
We deal with several different end sectors, because, if you want to keep up your competitiveness, you can’t possibly focus on a single field. As far as Arzignano’s district is concerned, for example, the attention is drawn to furnishing, car interiors and high-end leatherware. If, on the other hand, you are interested in working with other countries, footwear takes the front stage: this is the case in China and India as well as in Pakistan and Bangladesh

What is your core business?
Mainly dyestuffs, that we successfully sell in the Arzignano area, especially for the leatherware and automotive sectors, where high-performance solutions are required: we are available to carry out bespoke projects targeting specific requests. Two other pivotal product categories are tannins and fatliquors; however, we are able to provide a wide range of solutions for the whole tanning process.
Our mission is to collaborate with a high-profile clientele, to whom we can guarantee the utmost quality and first-rate performances.

Metal-free is one the main trends shaping the development of the chemical sector. What is your stance on the matter?
I believe that there is need for fact-based information, so as to fight off any prejudice, as in the case of chromium that, in its trivalent version, can be commonly found in nature. However, research is a top priority and, for this reason, we are developing products completely devoid of any hazardous, polluting substance. Equally strong is the demand for odourless fatliquors, a choice that allows to please everybody, even the most demanding customers.

Bearing this in mind, special attention has been paid to the field of synthetic fatliquors, able to guarantee top-notch performances in terms of light and colour fastness and much more.