The fashion Fair Online, 21-26 SEPT. 2020 | 23-28 NOV. 2020

Online the fashion fair, leather, fur and textile garments fair will take place between 21 – 26 September 2020. Please get registered from for free entry.

To the valued professionals of Leather, Fur, and Textile Outer Garments Industry.
Through the dire times of this destructive pandemie, we are dedicated to making sure that we protect the interests of our industry and our country with every step we take.

The Online Fashion Fair for the leather, fur, and textile outer garments industry, which had been announced to take place from August 17th to 22nd will be moved to a later date, due to recent re-scheduling of other fairs that relate.

We know how overlapping events can work against the industry. To avoid that, we had no choice but to re-think the timing of our online fair. We are aiming for a date that is beyond Antalya and Moscow fairs both.

We are well aware that the pandemie will farce the buyers to move slowly with smaller orders over the stretch of the season.

In the light of all this, September 21st to 26th, 2020 is now set as the new date for the first edition of  The Online Fashion Fair, which will be active in conven­ient intervals throughout 2020 and 2021.

For a more productive trading experience,

September 21-26, 2020 | November 23-28, 2020

Looking forward to meeting at The Online Fashion Fair.

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