TheOneMilano Selection is the keyword


TheOneMilano, haut-à-porter exhibition keeps fostering, edition after edition, targeted projects aimed at highlighting development patterns for the customers’ business.

The sixth edition of TheOneMilano, the haut-à-porter exhibition, took place in September and it put on display 120 domestic and foreign collections, arousing the interest of 3,700 professional buyers, out of which 40% came from abroad. These data fall into step with those registered in September 2018, although there were some changes: less visitors proceeding from France and Germany, resulting in a 2% decrease, and a double-digit growth in the number of professionals from Spain and the UK. On the other hand, South-East Asia confirmed its role as a strategic business area. Now, the gaze is turned to the next show, scheduled from February 20th to 23rd, 2020, in FieraMilano City, Halls 3 and 4. Elena Salvaneschi, CEO of the event, explained more in detail the evolution of a fair that is, and will definitely be in the future as well, a niche exhibition and that, edition after edition, puts in the limelight development patterns for the customers’ business.

Elena-Salvaneschi, TheOneMilano’s CEO

Elena Salvaneschi, in light of the latest results, what are the ideas in the pipeline in order to further boost TheOneMilano and its format? We are developing several projects, focused on different development lines: we are updating the event’s layout, with a project put together by a team of renowned architects and set designers that we are going to unveil as soon as possible. The goal of these changes goes beyond mere aesthetics: we are working on a functional level, in order to provide buyers with a more effective visit experiences, divided according to areas of interest. We are thinking about enhancing the “craft know-how” of our companies, an integral part of the product, yet seldom in the spotlight: a perfect stitching, a beautiful finish on knitwear, an inlay on fur, an embroidery on leather, these are details that make the difference between high-end and mass-production goods. We will give space to up-and-coming enterprises, offering a sort of tutoring in order to ensure the future of the fashion sector: we have always done that, but our projects are becoming more and more targeted. We will put at the exhibitors’ disposal a wider range of tools, from influencer marketing campaigns, paid by the fair (but promoting the companies’ articles), to web marketing on social media, a collaboration that is already in place, and that it will be further strengthened, between our Organization and the firms that believe in us.

TheOneMilano is an event that made its debut in 2017, the result of the union between Mifur (fur sector) and Mipap (ready-to-wear). What have you chosen to save and enhance of said fairs? The desire to give space and voice to concrete collections, in line with the market and able to interpret both the needs and dreams of a consumer living in a difficult context, economically speaking.

How does TheOneMilano still manage to voice the proposals of the fur sector? Fur is part of our DNA and we will keep fostering its image and true values. It’s a natural product, carefully monitored and certified, produced by a traceable, safe supply chain. It’s the perfect raw material for a fashion sector that provides functional, yet creative solutions.


TheOneMilano has adjusted its dates in order to fall into step with the Milan Fashion Week’s calendar. What is the role played by the haut-àporter exhibition within the international fashion industry? Working during the fashion week is exciting, but not easy: there are plenty of events, buyers are forced to divide themselves between catwalk shows, fairs and showrooms, a truly demanding tour de force. Nevertheless, our trade show has its own specific space, thanks also to the collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency, that helps us welcoming buyers from all over the world. As far as the latest edition is concerned, we established a partnership with CBI-Camera Buyer Italia, that paved the way to a dialogue with stores featuring Italy’s most beautiful showcases. This project bore fruits and we expect it to be the foundation for other durable alliances. Furthermore, the hashtag chosen was #facciamosistema (that is, #adoptasystemapproach, editor’s note): we strongly believe in cooperation, in the need to find collective languages that, while respecting individual peculiarities, manage to convey a clear, unique message, that of the Italian fashion system.

What were the keywords that characterized the latest edition of TheOneMilano and that succeeded in drawing buyers’ attention? Those matching with the recommended purchase concepts: the attention to new aesthetical solutions, underlining how beauty can be found not only in the glamourous world of top models, but also in a new normality, the latter not synonymous with dullness and featureless creations. A growing interest in Seasonless fashion, that is, those collections not tied to the concept of season and that can be worn all year long: after all, are there still people who clean out the closet every passing season?

As far as exhibitors are concerned, what is the goal of AlwaysOnShow? And, in your opinion, is this platform really effective, compared to direct contact, when it comes to conveying a brand’s values? AlwaysOnShow is a platform that encourages the contact between company and buyer all year long, 24/7. Rather than conveying the values of a brand, it provides buyers with strategic information about the product, concerning materials, chromatic palette, price, delivery times and much more. It also suggests combinations between different prices to design an outfit. The September edition allowed to upload on more than 1,100 articles. The buyers that can access the system are certified by our office, so as to give evidence to the exhibitors that the accreditation process is open only to professionals. After that, the business relation rests in the hands of firms and buyers, as it should be: we only try to simplify things.