TIMBRADOS RUBIO: Leather embodies fashion

Manuel Rubio with his sons José Manuel and Cristian at their brand new stand set up at Lineapelle’s October edition

A long history that stared in 1990 for Timbrados Rubio, company founded form Manuel “Manolo” Rubio, which has gained a big expertise that makes it a real point of reference in the manufacture of shoes and bags and a recognition in many sectors, such as those of furniture and fashion accessories in general, fields where the use of a versatile, functional material as natural leather is increasingly growing. Every season Timbrados Rubio turns leather into a blank canvas for fashion. Natural finishes, textures, colours, fantasy characterize its proposals providing all the warmth that only this prestigious material can offer: top quality raw material is treated by experts in order to achieve the most fantastic finishes, resulting in innovative leathers addressed to all the leading fashion industry factories who want to add character and make their products stand out from the rest, anticipating trends that will characterize winning finished products collections. Customized service for fashion houses is provided to clients in many countries including: Italy, France, Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Portugal and USA offering new, innovative proposals for leather designs. Every year Timbrados Rubio is present at the main fashion fairs in the world keeping contacts internationally.

Timbrados Rubio has remained true to its roots right from the outset. Working with the fashion industry requires a strong commitment towards innovation. Fashion is design, creativity, trend, texture, colour, fantasy. Ensuring that leather can embody fashion every season is a complex task that requires constant retraining and technology upgrades. It also demands an in-depth knowledge of the features and properties of each type of leather, in addition to treating it with great care while controlling the different treatment processes from a technical point of view and knowing how to combine them. Bonding, silk screen printing, flocking, embossing, manual buffering, latest generation digital printing, patent leather, leather embroidering, etc., are a significant part of our every day life at Timbrados Rubio. timbradosrubio.com


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