UNIMATIK New drums for the high-end fashion sector

Federico Taddei, Officina Meccanica TADDEI – UNIMATIK

A new laboratory drum, featuring a smaller size than average: this one of the most interesting innovations on display at the February 2019 edition of Tanning Tech by Officina Meccanica TADDEI, company headquartered in Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa province), in the Tuscan leather district.

“Let’s say that this model,” explained Federico Taddei, owner of the firm established in 1995 and specialized in the design and manufacturing of innovative machines for the tanning, re-tanning, dyeing and greasing processes under the brand UNIMATIK, “is placed in-between our sizes range. A choice made not only due to the stand’s limited space, but also because there is a stronger demand for compact drums, as they are able to guarantee top-quality end products.

As a matter of fact, our machines are made in stainless steel, therefore indestructible: they are provided with an external static drum and by a basket divided into three rotating compartments, the latter placed inside the drum. At the same time, we are carrying out the development of other models in the corporate laboratories, and we aim at launching a specific one at the 2020 edition of the fair: it will be an ever more advanced and versatile drum, a technology that will give us the chance to open up to new markets.”

Plenty of challenges are lying in store for Officina Meccanica TADDEI in the upcoming future. Noteworthy the ample range of specialized services provided to tanneries, from direct on-site technical assistance for all types of machinery to repair, overhaul and reconditioning, up to the technicalstructural upgrading, the latter necessary in order to comply with the safety regulations. “Ours is a niche, prime-quality product,” stated the owner of the Tuscan company, “so fairly expensive. Among our most loyal customers, we boast high-end brands and renowned enterprises, therefore we keep registering positive results on the domestic market. Internationally speaking, the USA are the main reference market, very attentive to quality especially in the fashion sector.”  www.officinataddei.it