Valfussbett Dry Go! and humidity goes away

Valfussbett Dry Go!

The insoles produced by Valfussbett, the Veneto-based company, has transformed the whole sector boasting comfort features well above average. Removable, thermo-moulded insoles, footbeds for sandals, plates, inserts, heel cups, wedges.

Since 1981 Valfussbett has been a byword for quality and innovation in the production of articles for foot comfort. Today the company, based in Valdagno (Vicenza province), is one of the major European manufacturers in the field, boasting a comprehensive, wide and versatile catalogue, able to satisfy all the needs of shoe manufacturers according to the highest comfort standards. Among the patented and exclusive materials and products placed at the top in their market segment, Dry Go! is a real added value for foot health.

Dino Guiotto, Presidente di Valfussbett
Dino Guiotto, Pesident of Valfussbett, at the company’s stand in Lineapelle

“Dry Go! – explains Dino Guiotto, President of the Venetian company – is the flagship of the Valfussbett polyurethane foams, the first and only insole currently on the market able of absorbing the moisture created inside the shoe by storing it in its structure; the moisture is then releases quickly once in contact with the air.” According to the tests’ results, its absorption capacity is much greater than that of a traditional polyurethane, combined with an extraordinary elastic memory. “Developed in collaboration with the BASF group – continues Guiotto – Dry Go! is a three-component material that we designed and produced with a customized equipment. On the market for some years now, we have gradually perfected so to reach a superior quality. Dry Go! formula has revolutionized the sector of the insoles; it consists in a mix of polyurethane, polyol, isocyanate and a third solid component in powder.” In addition to being extremely comfortable, the product gives the foot a pleasant feeling of dryness and well-being in any climatic condition, avoiding the development of mold and bacteria. “The foot is usually warm in summer and cold in winter because of humidity. With the Dry Go! insole the sweat does not stagnate inside the shoe – where instead a sort of climate-controlled environment is established – but is instead quickly de-absorbed once the shoe is removed.” Valfussbett also stands out for its customer care policy, as it provides a comprehensive, thorough assistance at all levels.