VALFUSSBETT, The anatomical insole

For over 35 years, VALFUSSBETT, has been providing the most comprehensive range of polyurethane insoles on the market, thus ensuring the best solutions for all types of footwear.

On the occasion of the latest edition of Lineapelle, held in October in Milan, VALFUSSBETT put once again on display state-of-the-art, cutting-edge products, able to win over the clientele both in Italy and abroad.

“The latest innovation showcased during the exhibition is Valair Comfort,” explained Dino Guiotto, president of the company headquartered in Valdagno (Vicenza province), when we met him at the corporate stand, “an article featuring a breathable polyurethane material that, if matched with open-cell fabrics, ensures the full perspiration of the insole. Moreover, it is as lightweight as a feather. Said material is very soft and, even though it can be paired with leather as well, we recommend combining it with fabrics and microfibres, as the latter can better enhance its characteristics. As far as this product is concerned, it is an exclusive brand just like all the others in our range and we can supply different lines, taking into account the clientele’s needs, in terms of shapes, models and colours. It is not a brand-new solution, it is an upgraded version, a feat made possible thanks also to the manufacturing of cutting-edge moulds.” Another ace up on the firm’s sleeve is DryGo!, that is, the polyurethane that absorbs the foot’s humidity, vaporizing it quickly. “It’s another strength of ours,” confirmed Guiotto, “we are the only one in the world to employ this exclusive technology, patented in partnership with the BASF group, world leader in this sector.

valfussbett dry go

The Valair and DryGo! lines are an integral part of our core business; several internationally renowned brands have included these articles in their production, thus fully replacing other materials: this will give us the chance to further grow in the upcoming years.”
VALFUSSBETT’s team is very satisfied with the results achieved this year. “We will end 2019 on a positive note, registering an increase in the turnover amounting approximately to 20%,” stated president Guiotto. “However, this upturn trend will become more and more marked in the next future. Currently, exports account for 15%, but, thanks to these products, we strongly believe that we will succeed in penetrating even more effectively in top markets in terms of number of inhabitants such as, for example, Germany and Poland, where special attention is paid to hi-tech, state-of-the-art solutions.”