Wealth, Top-notch style and technology

Details that go beyond being mere metal parts, characterized by trendy shapes, certified materials and a prestigious design: quick, cutting-edge solutions to all fashion needs.

Andrea, Sergio e Chiara Patria
Andrea, Sergio e Chiara Patria

Studs, rhinestones, crystals, natural stones, rivets, eyelets, functional details for leather goods, buttons: Wealth, supplier of components for the footwear, clothing and leatherware industries based near Milan, is always at the forefront in the development of collections that embody the right balance between inspiration, fashion and elegance. “The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the habits of consumers by pushing them towards more weighted purchases and favoring high-quality and recognizable brands”, says Andrea Patria. “We are specialized in providing the highest quality components to selected companies, and we are confident in a prompt recovery. Each of our items features the timeless charm of jewelry and is capable of enhancing top-notch quality manufacturing, thanks to a qualified style office made up of a team of designers and stylists, constantly engaged in searching and creating new ideas according to the most current trends.”

Little masterpieces are developed in close partnership with the customer through the most advanced manufacturing techniques

Thanks to their shapes and chromatic effects, the small metal parts designed by Wealth with an eye on the latest trends keep up the pace with the everchanging market requests so to meet the desire for innovation and elegance while adjusting to all types of application on either leather or fabric. Zamak die-casting, pitch molding and other procedures, drawing, turning: Wealth is able to carry out several technological processes and to choose the most suitable option for each product. Plenty of customization opportunities entail several options also in terms of galvanic treatments (hypoallergenic nickel, gold, palladium, ruthenium), of varnishing (shiny, semi-matt, matt), of metal coating and finishes – the latter ranging from rubberizing to glazing, from mold-direct engraving to laser cuts, from diamond dressing to enameling.

The company is widely praised for its fast handling of all orders and bespoke requests, always in full compliance with the finest quality standards, with the main European compliance and safety regulations, as well as with the specifications set by customers. In order to consolidate its fame, significant resources are steadily invested not only in the improvement of the quality of products and services, but also in the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies able to optimize all the phases of the processing cycle, including logistics, thus increasing corporate efficiency and productivity and ensuring top-notch results. An innovation-oriented philosophy, as confirmed by the installation, a couple of years ago, of the cutting-edge, automatic vertical warehouse as well as of the ground-breaking inspection machine for small metal parts.

wealth Desio
La sede Wealth di Desio, in provincia di Monza e Brianza Wealth’s production facility based in Desio, Monza and Brianza province

Two examples that perfectly embody the efforts of the firm headquartered in Desio (Monza Brianza province) aimed at further improving its production standards. “Due to the increasingly pivotal role played by fast-paced production and the clientele satisfaction, logistics has become a key element for the firm’s competitiveness. The automatic vertical warehouse,” continued Patria, “has succeeded in enhancing service levels and occupational safety, in reducing costs in terms of working area as well as in optimizing work cycles.” On the other hand, thanks to the inspection machine, conceived to check all details, “we are able to provide the clientele with perfect products, completely free of production-related flaws. Before the packaging phase, each single item is thoroughly examined by using three micro-cameras: those not meeting the set-up parameters are automatically discarded.”

The high standards of quality, safety and production underline the values of a sound and reliable company, whose products are chosen to be showcased on the worldwide catwalks by many high-end fashion labels, which, more than any other, know how to pick out the quality and the uniqueness of a detail, the true element able to make the difference.