Xtannery, The advanced solution for the tanning industry

Xtannery is the ERP Software, market leader in the tanning industry, with several and strategic references in the most prominent leather districts, both in Italy (Tuscany, Veneto, Campania) and abroad.  

Mauro Bachini

“Xtannery is the result of over thirty years of steady investments,” explained Mauro Bachini, Project Manager, “a period during which we have always been ready to develop solutions based on new technologies and, at the same time, we have kept a close eye on the customers’ needs. As for the numerous upgrades implemented on Xtannery over the last few years, special attention has been paid to the market and, currently, the product features the Multi-Language option, and it is also integrated with the most prominent international players (SAP, Navision, Jeddwards, and much more), so as to meet the accounting/fiscal requirements set by the customers’ home countries. In the current economic context, in which tanneries must recover their competitiveness through investments in new technologies, designed to improve and streamline corporate activities, Xtannery turns out to be an excellent control tool.”

Its flexibility and ease of configuration allow to adjust to the specific requirements of a modern tanning industry of all sizes. In addition to standard functions, Xtannery features certain modules for production management, resulting in a thorough monitoring of the whole processing cycle via the use of Wi-Fi computers, RFid systems, Barcode; moreover, it is connected to the most common manufacturing machinery in compliance with the recent Industry 4.0 regulation.”

Among the various functions provided by Xtannery, there is also the chance to carry out the Data Analysis through modern and user-friendly Business intelligence panels, to monitor pre- and post-sale business activities via a specific CRM tool, to acquire orders and to look up corporate data with mobile devices thanks to the ITannery app. For the complete digital transformation of a modern tannery, a special module for the management of Quality, Environment and Safety is available as well.

“Our goal,” stated Francesco Vitali President of Team Duemila, “lies in the constant upgrading of our solutions in terms of product and service quality, aware of the fact that these requirements actively contribute to customers satisfaction, so as to safeguard the investments made. For this reason, we keep pouring resources into the specialist training of our staff as well as into new technologies research: this corporate philosophy will be an integral part of our future projects and, therefore, Xtannery will evolve accordingly, in line with the new demands of the tanning sector. With a view to steady market expansion, we can rely on pivotal partnerships with leading IT enterprises for the distribution of Xtannery, such as the one recently signed with Huni for the exclusive distribution of Xtannery abroad.

Huni is a historic company based in Zurich, Switzerland, counting offices in different countries, specialized in industrial automation and drum production and leader in the control process and technology. They also offer other services for tanneries, many of which rely on Huni’s experience worldwide. Xtannery will be marketed and sold abroad directly by Huni under the DataTan 4.0 brand: this important partnership will guarantee our company to increase our customers’ portfolio but also to further enhance our production.”