LeShow Istanbul posticipato a gennaio 2022

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La fiera LeShow Istanbul, la cui terza edizione si sarebbe dovuta svolgere i primi di giugno, è stata posticipata dal 20 al 22 gennaio 2022 a causa delle restrizioni dettate dalla pandemia. 

Riportiamo di seguito il comunicato che ci è stato trasmesso dagli organizzatori della manifestazione. 

3rd LeShow Istanbul-2021 is rescheduled imperatively to January 20-22, 2022!!!

Dear participants, visitors, and sectoral stakeholders,

Concerning the persisting global Covid-19 pandemic, in which all humanity continues to strive with; based on the recent spikes in the infected cases, the death toll and the soaring risk status both in Turkey & worldwide; the existing preventive country entry-exit restrictions & int’l travel bans enforced by the governmental authorities to protect public healthcare are expected to continue for another unpredictable time.

As required by the aforementioned “force majeure” conditions and also with the belief that our attendees will benefit much more in terms of better public healthcare conditions, work efficiency & business-networking opportunities; we regret to inform you that our 3rd LeShow Istanbul-2021 Int’l Leather & Outerwear Fashion Fair is rescheduled imperatively to January 20-22, 2022.

Needless to say, the good health and well-being of all our exhibitors & visitors participating in the LeShow Istanbul fair is always our top priority. Hence, we will adopt all modern hygiene and infection protection standards to ensure the safest health environment for our attendees.

With the belief that social and economic order will be established with much better conditions by successfully dealing with the global Covid-19 pandemic in the nearest future of the world; the first & foremost upcoming physical int’l leather, fur & outerwear fashion event of 2022, the 3rd LeShow Istanbul-2022 will act as an important catalyst for a successful transition to the post-COVID-19 pandemic crisis period and will bolster the leather, fur & textile outerwear fashion industry to emerge stronger from this exceptional economic breakdown conditions via procreating unparalleled visibility & business-networking opportunities.

Looking forward to hosting you at our 3rd LeShow Istanbul-2022 fair on January 20-22, 2022, where we will meet each other in good health again…


​​Turkel Fair Organization Inc.

LeShow Istanbul postponed to January 2022

The 3rd edition of the exhibition LeShow Istanbul, supposed to be held next June, has been postponed to January 20-22, 2022 because of the restrictions related to the pandemic. 

You may read hereunder the official announcement that we received from the show’s organizers.