Studios at ILOE posticipato al 2022

La fiera Studios at ILOE, la cui prima edizione si sarebbe dovuta svolgere i primi di giugno a Salt Lake City, è stata posticipata al 2022 a causa delle restrizioni dettate dalla pandemia.

Riportiamo di seguito il comunicato che ci è stato trasmesso dagli organizzatori della manifestazione.

Our passion for events in the apparel industry stems from the experiences and successes we have had over our many years of participating in them. To that end, it has always been our vision to produce events aligned with our internal philosophy which is to help others succeed and to give back to the very market that allowed us the opportunity to develop ILOE. We have never lost sight of our purpose and we keep it at the forefront of our thoughts with every single decision we make.

We believe Salt Lake City, Utah is a premier destination that is indicative of everything the luxury outerwear community has to offer and has many benefits as a host city. It is also a location that has been open for business while all of Illinois, including Chicago and Rosemont, has not. The selection of the Salt Palace was a natural extension allowing our community to transact within our industry’s unique and critical parameters of seasonality and timing of which builds an entire year of revenue. Our intent, as stated above, has always been to serve the community in the best way we know how.

In many cases, regardless of our best efforts, international governmental regulations, travel limitations, and in some instances, lack of comfort for those who can travel are all circumstances that extend beyond our control. While we will always push for the betterment of our community, we refuse to do so in a way that can negatively impact the future of it.

Therefore, we have come to the difficult decision to postpone ILOE until 2022. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing our thoughts and developments for 2022 and also ideas for ways ways we can help you now, both brands and retailers, so we can move forward together. We believe in and are optimistic about our collective future and like you all, we will navigate these unforeseen obstacles and share our findings along the way – we are grateful to be a part of this community and remain steadfast on our mission.

Best regards,